About J

Rhabdomyosarcoma?! Anyone know what it is? My big kid J does.

He was a normal 7-year-old kid, a 1st grader who loved going to school. Well, he still does love to go.  He had attained his double blue stripe belt in karate and raced with the Hampton Roads Kart Club on Sundays at Langley Speedway…until he was diagnosed with Paratesticular Rhabdomyosarcoma in May 2017. This cancer is relatively rare and accounts for approximately 3% of childhood cancers.  His version is Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS) where the malignant cells resemble the developing muscle cells of a 6-to-8 weeks-old embryo. This form usually affects children age 5 and under.

While having had found his tumor so early on and his diagnosis are incredible, his staging and grouping allowed for us to concentrate on eradicating the malignant cells and, hopefully, decreasing his chances of recurrence by 90+%.

His treatment ended in October 2017, but as all cancer families know, it is never far from mind, and will continue to keep giving more ‘gifts’ in the way of late-term effects, as time marches on.

#TeamJoey – because no kid should EVER have to fight this fight.