Living with a foot in Two Worlds

I’ve learned a lot in the cancer world. But what they never tell you is how things we take as granted in a “normal” life will suddenly hit you in the feels.

Halloween was FUN! The kids had such a great time. SO MUCH CANDY. Both kids saw friends, we found one of J’s past teachers, we did our 2+ mile route….

But then the flip side of that coin.

I sat down afterwards, the kids in bed, the candy still in bags in a pile on the chair, coming down from the high that exists from a fun night out….sending texts back and forth with not one but TWO families currently hospitalized. One on 8B (the cancer floor/wing) and one in PICU. And life just isn’t fair. Both are literally fighting for their lives. Life has a way of reminding you that it’s fleeting and not promised.

We live each moment fully because we never know what’s to come. These small, little, special events…the excitement and joy…etched into memories. Because one day…we unfortunately know this all too well now, but that may be all that we have.

Eh. Ramblings of a Cancer Mom.

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