Believe in a Cure

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but this won’t be like the other awareness posts you’ve read.  I’m sure of that.

There’s a certain company that everyone is sharing their versions of an advertisement that came out. Some are mocking, some are funny, some are in jest. I’ve even laughed at some.

This one is not.

You took notice of that new ad because it was controversial. Because you either loved the man and what he stood for or you hated his guts and felt he was disrespectful. Whatever the case, you took notice because a big brand got behind him and used him. (And, no, this is not an invitation to start a discussion on him, his stance, the company’s backing, and whether you’re going to boycott or not.)


The message being conveyed IS THE SAME:
Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.
Believe in a cure….even if only 4% of federal government cancer research funding goes to study pediatric oncology.
Believe in a cure…even though less than 10 drugs have been approved since 1980 for pediatric use.
Believe in a cure…even if it means sacrificing your world.

Because as a parent, you think you sacrifice a lot for your children from the beginning. You have no idea how much you, by choice and then by necessity, sacrifice as a cancer parent: financial freedom/stability, time with other members of your family (spouses, kids), your bed….

Believe in a Cure, even if they only give you 4%


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