Cancer Life

Some days I love what cancer has done for our family, as sad and weird as that sounds, but most days, I just want to beat it down and scream. Without it, I would have some of the best friends that I do now, or would I have culled the friendships prior without them having the reason to run away.

When you’re stuck in the cavern of cancer, you need to find the light. These were parts of that light.

Last month, as we mourned the loss of one of the friends we never would have had without cancer being in our life, it became even more evident how much that light has been, and always will be, important.

You see, cancer never leaves us. Sure, many of our children fortunately go into remission. Those boys and girls (and their families) still live with the months/years of treatment and the aftereffects.

Aftereffects in the form of medical side effects, in post-traumatic stress, in knowing that you will never, EVER leave the cancer life behind.

You see, we just can’t. Someone has to be there to help along the new families. We won’t ever leave our newfound friends, and there is always, ALWAYS, the chance of relapse or secondary cancer, something that hit us hard just a few days after the loss of one battle buddy.

So, yes, our actual journey is over. We no longer fight the beast, but our hearts are forever entwined.

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