20171026_095033-01[1]Week 24.

Technically, yesterday was the end-of-treatment. J had his scans, which we learned results of later that evening.

When we walked out the door, we weren’t really celebrating, though. We were all kind of taken aback to discover his ANC below 500…so he has another appointment scheduled in 2 weeks for labwork…again.

It was a really weird day. I walked in excited to be done…and then we were in this weird purgatory.

But, I know that’s not why you’re reading.  You want to know the results of the scans as much as I did last night. So as we sat around the dinner table with all of our local family, celebrating that J was done, I received the call.




This sunburst is his end-of-treatment bead. A few more beads to still be added to tell the last bit of his story… But, mostly, he’s done.

His referral for port removal should have been written today.  At this point, with waiting for labs in two weeks, I’m thinking we’ll wait till after Thanksgiving to schedule him for surgery.

The end is near….

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