What is there to say about WEEK 22 except….


How did the day go? It was short, and the only reason we stayed as long as we did in clinic was that so J could do Art Therapy (the birds are all hanging on the glass window to the conference room on a tree that was drawn — hopefully they’ll still be there the next time we’re there). He also actually wanted to see the dog!


But, of course we had our trials. The usual puking. Not having his usual nurse, and getting a different nurse than any of the other fill-in times, and him actually bolting off the bed and towards the door for accessing….and then trying evade the nurse when it was time for the chemo meds. I can say, for certain, that I am happy this portion of his roadmap is complete.


My talk with Dr. File took longer than J’s actual exam and chat with him. He told me today it’s been a long haul, and I actually laughed at him, shrugged, motioned towards the infusion area, and told him not compared to others (which he obviously knows), but he didn’t shrug off knowing that we’ve had our issues all along. It was nice, but yet….we really only lost our summer. In the grand scheme of things…it wasn’t that long, even though most clinic visits may have felt that way.

We were given a free pass for week 23. Joey actually gets to go to school ALL WEEK this week!

The following Thursday, 10/26 is his official end-of-treatment. He has his scans scheduled for decently early that morning (9:30am), and Dr. File told me he’d meet with me afterwards to discuss scheduling his port removal surgery.

If you want to know the truth, which you all say you do, I’m overwhelmed by the thought of now being at the end. What do I do with an open Thursday this week? What do I do when we’re ALL DONE?! Our version of normal changed in May. Our version of normal will never be what it was this past April and before, but yet…it will change again, and it won’t be the normal of weekly clinic appointments and predictable ER visits. You never want to have to continue those, but…I can see how there is a sadness, almost a grieving, of the end of something so….huge(?).

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