Only One Chemo Left!

It’s Week 21! Know what that means?!?!


He ate his munchkins this morning. He didn’t drag his feet going into the hospital, except to catch his Pokemon or stop at Pokestops. He walked into the clinic. He whined some about going to triage. He whined about going to the procedure room.


We sat on the bed waiting for Rob (he always gives J a few minutes) and another nurse stopped at the door and asked if I had a picture of he and I like this. “It’s a mama memory.” She asked for my phone and handed it back with this photo on it.

It is a mama memory. He won’t necessarily appreciate it, but I do…

Especially because….today he was accessed WITHOUT crying, screaming or fighting. He puked after the needle was in and covered.

He PLAYED with his friends. He hung out in the infusion area. My kid from the START of treatment returned.

It had been such a HARD week for him that today’s win WAS HUGE. For him. For me. For our mental and emotional health.

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