I don’t know if I’ve said enough about this man who has overseen J’s care these last 5 months. Getting J into the infusion area on Monday was a 4 hour process. He went directly to this conference room, the room in which we heard about his treatment plan in mid-May, and refused to move from it. Instead of even trying to get him in an exam room, Dr File met him where he was at, met his needs, and wrote him the order for a transfusion.

We all, except J, celebrated that we’d made it all these months without any of the extras. We all celebrated that next week would be the last chemo.

It was 3pm before we got out of clinic on Monday after a 3 hour transfusion. The first photo of J was just prior being hooked up, while the other was within 30 minutes of finishing. It may not look it, but he went from looking ghostly to turning back into my kid…smiling and everything.


His ANC is low-ish, above 500 but below 1,000, but that was prior to being transfused. He hasn’t been this low in almost 2 months. 😕

Thursday we’ll be back for chemo again. Love seeing our friends, but can’t wait till we’re done.

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