WEEK 20! Of a 24 week roadmap!

FIVE MONTHS DOWN. One to go! Even better, only TWO more treatment weeks.

Moral of the story without sharing every tiny bit of it: anxiety sucks. I have no idea how a kid can puke so many times and still bring up….something. And I never knew that restraining my child was going to become something I became so well-versed at.

He didn’t even make it out of the car before puking. Or to the waiting room. Or the procedure room.

We had a different nurse — a really nice woman named Erma. Rob called in the morning to give her the 411 on J…and, after the fact, she said that Rob had pretty well prepared her for J’s fits and fighting.

I carried my 64lb son to the exam room after I pried him out of the chair that he’d buried his whole body, head and all, under a blanket in.

I wasn’t so successful with prying him back out of the exam room and back into the actual infusion area, though, but Bryan got him moving with promises of slime in art therapy….only for us to watch them walk away towards 8B for their time up there. So he hid in that room by himself with a TV and a book for the remainder of his waiting time and his infusion.


And, yes, he hit and kicked Erma. And, yes, Thursday was HARD.

But… One week closer to the end, and lots of much needed time with mom friends.


We discovered a little labyrinth in the courtyard from the parking garage on Thursday, so we walked into clinic late because he wanted to check it out. While I’m a stickler for being on time….I’ve even given up. It made the transition from car to hospital so much easier taking that side trip.



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