I wish I knew what it was about week 2 of each cycle for this half of treatment…. Another round in the ER last night.

The good news: his temperature had come down by the time we made it to the ER which makes me think he slept through the worst of it during the afternoon. He got his antibiotic and some fluids on board. Also good news, we got to go home.

The bad news: for the first time in 20 weeks, we will have an extra clinic day this week. His hemoglobin level is quite low, and so we’re looking at him needing a transfusion on Monday. Yay. In all my wishful thinking, I’m hoping his levels can rebound enough (or that he becomes his energetic self) by then, but I know better. He’s not eating much which doesn’t help the situation any.

Just a speedbump in the road.20170930_181217-01[1]

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