Week 19. 3 more treatments to go.

Gosh, how I wish I could say that things are getting better, but…no.

It didn’t help showing up for an 8am appointment and finding that the nurses had a morning meeting which meant accessing didn’t begin till nearly 9…. Kicking and screaming and puking and crying and fighting.

We are mostly out of ideas. A friend received a Chemo Duck for her son that’s helped immensely which makes me think that perhaps bringing Cozy the Port-a-Cat and his medical kit with us may help. He has 4 port accesses left…but if, somehow, the last 4 are less traumatic…well, I’ll take it.

I am wore out after a clinic day with its current level of anxiety mixed with the emotional and behavioral responses.

Two more meds on board this past Thursday in a long, drawn out day. Play time with friends in between accessing and chemo for the boy which is most certainly better than other recent weeks.

This week, we’ll schedule his end-of-treatment scan. My time holding this rock and living this version of “normal” is coming so quickly to its end.

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