And that is what gets me moving every Thursday when he fights and cries and screams and pukes, knowing that we’re so close to the finish line.

Although, seriously, if he would just work with me a *tiny* bit more so there’s no yelling, and I don’t have to push/pull/carry him in to procedure rooms or hold him down for port accessing, that would be AMAZING. But, given that he’d been in the ER last weekend, he did much better for accessing than he certainly could have.

And, no matter what, I know that he’s doing better than others for all of his antics. We may not be happy with them, but he’s nowhere near the worst they’ve seen…nor the best. They boy IS amazing and strong and awesome…and kicking Rhabdo’s butt.

Today, again, he did Art Therapy. I’m pretty sure his art teacher would be super proud to know that he WANTS to do it, and that for two weeks in a row now, we’ve been staying after treatment is over so that he can participate. It’s fun to watch him create….

In two weeks, Dr File will schedule his end-of-treatment CT scan. And maybe, possibly, even get us penciled in on the schedule for port removal for after that.

In 6 weeks, he’ll have his scan, and we’ll be DONE, outside of port removal surgery and follow up scans and/or exams until practically forever.

So close to the end.


P.S. All t-shirts/wristbands promised from last week were mailed on Tuesday so you should have received or be receiving them soon!

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