Another Emergency Room Visit….

I’d been hoping an Emergency Room visit would be a one and done thing after our stint in August. Unfortunately, that was not the case this past Friday night.

He just was not his usual Friday post-Vincristine self today. He slept horribly Thursday night — up and down, and up and down. He was way more tired than usual. He was only able to make it 45 minutes into the school day before the phone call to come get him. He napped, more than once. He barely ate anything. He had a 101.3° fever and his head hurt.

So, another trip to the ER. Another dose of antibiotics, plus fluids.

At least he didn’t scream every time the door opened unlike the last time.

Saturday, he actually ate a meal and ran around a bit!  Only to be found to still have a fever, but it to be much lower, and every bit of activity to be completely draining on him. He napped in some of the weirdest configurations…

Thankfully, now here on Monday, I see bits of my amazing big boy.  I see his stamina reappearing.  I see him thriving.  I see him able to concentrate and make it through the school day.  The end of this journey is near….and the son that I know is coming back to me.

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