Another week. Every week, I say it’s another week, because….it is.

“How are you?” Ehh… It’s Thursday. I’m here….. For 17 weeks now.

To think that when this whole mess begun, we were told 22 weeks (24 by the end of treatment scan), and we thought that was FOREVER away. Yet, those weeks have quickly blown by. Which also means that summer is near its end, and we don’t have much to show for Summer 2017, except this kid, who is growing back his hair some…and I think that’s more than enough to be happy about this summer.

We had done so well at the start of August with port accessing. Even with getting up to go TO clinic (Dunkin Donuts munchkins are a good bribe). But last week, I was told that Thursdays are the worst day of the week, and he hates them (understandably so). And since our visit to the ER, the Ativan doesn’t seem to be helping…yet Dr. File, Rob and I know that it IS, even if J’s regressed horribly so.

He *only* puked 4 times in clinic this week. Only. Sigh.

We made it out of there around 11am, and were only a bit late for Open House. Unlike other years, I felt like I didn’t have enough time for everything… Joined PTA. Filled out paperwork. Volunteered to volunteer for pretty much anything and everything because of my youngest going to school this year, too. Worst that can happen is I have to say no once I find out dates.  I have a good feel for his teacher, which I got confirmed by someone else. She already had been given a heads up on J — and I’m thankful to whoever did that. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to drop in and see the nurse, BUT I did get a Child Study Team meeting scheduled for 9/1 to establish a 504 Plan! Whew. I spoke it that it needed to happen….and it was done. AAAAAND — J is eligible for the final step to begin pull out enrichment services this year, too! (No, his 504 will not affect that.)

Ups and downs this week. Ups and downs. At least, and this was the big thing I was praying for today, that his ANC was high enough for 1) him to return to school on Tuesday and 2) that I shouldn’t be too fearful of that return…at this moment in time.

Aaaand, his 504 is DONE.  Before school started.  Such a relief.



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