Every week is one week closer to the end.

Week 15. 7 more treatments after today. 9 more weeks until we are, hopefully, released from weekly care and transition to periodic appointments and scans.

I wish I could say that port accessing was not our trouble spot. But it is. Along with actually getting the chemo hooked up to his port. Everything has a taste — whether real or imagined. Oh, what a mess he is.

Yet, week after week, we know we’re getting through this, and I know the fight is worth it. Whether he realizes it right now or not.

One day he’ll understand.


We spoke about his ER visit. His ANC spike could have been caused by whatever aggravated the temperature spike, as well. My understanding is that if ANC is trending up, an episode like this could spike it, which is what we’re thinking occurred because his counts are down to 1/3 of Saturday’s. Usually this would be our weekend to avoid the world, BUT he’s still above 1,000 so we get to enjoy the end of summer! Race weekend — here we come!

Speaking of the end of summer, a local foundation on the Southside (Lee’s Friends) in conjunction with the Rotary Club (I think I’m remembering correctly) provided our kiddos with backpacks and supplies for the start of the school year. Joey’s new backpack is FREAKING AMAZING. We might be having backpack envy (it has a bazillion pockets, including a laptop pocket, a cellphone pocket, and so much more). And it included EVERYTHING he needed for the year except headphones/earbuds. SO AMAZING.

There is SO MUCH to be thankful for.

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