Week 13. Today was the start of Cycle 5 (of 8 total). The downhill slope. We see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We had THE MOST SUCCESSFUL of all clinic days today! No crying or screaming or fighting the port access. NO PUKING. We hung out on a recliner together for his treatment time, he saw a new Buddy Brigade pup, and he got to play with friends.

His numbers are rebounding but his ANC is only half of what it would usually be on his highest week (just over 1k versus mid-2k). So, yes, week after week of chemo has certainly affected the rebound, and this was with having a two-week break. But his hemoglobin has had a huge rebound — almost back up to 10!

20170810_111434Today, because treatment is going as planned, without speedbumps, thus far, I took the time to ask about the *after*. After we’re ‘done’. (Which ‘done’ is really a nonsensical word in this situation as J will have an oncologist in his life until he’s choosing colleges….) Providing everything goes as planned, his port can be removed soon after his end-of-treatment scan at our leisure (i.e. we can have it scheduled around school breaks, etc. to not miss more time). He will go for scans at 3 months and 6 months post-treatment and then will begin on 6 month and 1 year scans. At some point following, we will transfer to the INTACT (INdividuals Thriving After Cancer Therapy) clinic which monitors long term side effects, arranges for proper preventive care, and educates the kids about their cancer.

Soooo crazy to be so close to the ‘end’ of this craziness, although it never will truly end or be forgotten.

In other news, his last, long remaining eyelash finally fell out sometime between yesterday and clinic this morning…..



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