Week 12 equals the halfway point!

Thursday was a pivotal day. Thursday, J had his mid-treatment scan.

Thursday, he walked into the procedure room to have his port accessed on his own accord. There was no screaming, no fighting, no crying, no arguing. There was: “when I closed my eyes the other time, it didn’t hurt so much” and that’s what he did, while his nurse and I just exchanged a flabbergasted look. No having to restrain him. There was still puking, after, but we can deal with that.

His counts are low. With an ANC of 82, he wasn’t be able to participate in the Rebounderz fundraiser on Friday night. Thinking he’d wear his mask during that is just a wish in the dark, and I knew it would be busy.

Next Thursday, he will be restarting chemo.


No metastasis. Everything is progressing as expected with his treatment plan. WE ARE GOOD!

Time to rock out 10 more chemo treatments, one more scan and BE DONE.

Happy tears. Happy tears. Happy tears.


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