Off week!

It’s Week 11, and it still took as long as a normal treatment. He was just there for labs and a doctor’s appointment. He was able to buckle up and get his lab draw done in his AC without too big of a battle.

And then he played…a lot. With the other kids and Play-Doh. (See “the longest poop ever” on Play-Doh dog.)

20170727_112040-01Today, we chatted with his oncologist about his anger (normal, and good, to an extent), about his scans next week, and about school for September. The current plan is that he will resume with his peers on September 5th with the knowledge that he will miss a minimum of one day per week for treatment/appointments… and that he may be on intermittent homebound when his counts are low, if he gets sick, or if there is sickness going through the school. It wasn’t exactly what I’d expected as a school plan, BUT it’s easily adaptable, so I can work with that. And it resumes some normalcy in his life. As long as he can stay well and out of the hospital……

Yea, there was puking today. We just have come to expect it. Our oncologist had the patience of multiple saints, and I was thankful to have him again this week. Next week, he will be on 8B, the inpatient unit, so we’ll meet another of the oncologists. J’s CT scan is set for 11am next Thursday. Dr. File said he would call me with results that night, but it could be 7 or 8pm since he and the radiologist will go over it together, which means they both need to be available to get together during the day to do so… and it could be right before both are ready to finish their days. So a call won’t mean good news or bad news, just…news.

I think this is about the point where the worry and anxiety starts to set in for me. Mid-treatment scans are scary. Or I think they are. The unknown. Were the patches on his lungs scar tissue from this winter’s illnesses (which was everyone’s thoughts from the first scan) and disappear? That’s the big question for this scan, outside of checking the initial tumor site.

Yesterday, a friend shared a passage about origami cranes on her Facebook (shared here now, too). Suddenly, this origami crane display in the clinic made SO MUCH SENSE. There’s no way to get a GOOD picture of it (small hallway, big display, lights, etc) but the plaque next to does reference 1,000 origami cranes, though this one appears to have more (32 columns of 32).


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