A Bit of Relief

There’s something to be said for knowing you’re ONLY supposed to be going in for labs and the usual exam with the oncologist.

Sure, next week with scans coming means that the worry and anxiety will begin to come  on, but since I’ve been thinking on a mainly week-to-week (and sometimes day-to-day) basis, we’re not there…yet.  And really, what good will it do?

Two weeks off.

Weeks ago, I felt like we’d never get here, but we are here now. The horribleness of last week’s treatment is now behind us, and we’re visiting with friends and having summer fun! Playdates and pop fountains…and whatever else we decide upon. Two weeks without the immediate side effects rearing their ugly heads.

Two weeks to really see the later side effects start showing without anything to add to them or hide them.

Two weeks for him to BE A KID and our family to enjoy summer. As for me, I’ll be hoping for beautiful weather to do ALL of the summer things (and so that I can work on product photos for KEEP’s upcoming launches).


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