What does Cancer Cost?

Cancer Costs 07232017

Did that number make you stop and look a second time?

What if I told you that number is JUST what has been billed for an urgent care visit, ER visit, admission and surgery, a second surgery for port placement, medical exams from May 1 thru July 13, and labs and chemotherapy for only SEVEN weeks (May 18 thru June 29).

S-E-V-E-N weeks.

My jaw hit the floor, too.

Almost $37,000 of this number was from that ER visit, admission and surgery — and that’s not including the bills from the ER doctor, the radiologist, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the lab and pathologist, and the oncology consultation which amounted to another almost $4,900.

Yes. Less than 48 hours cost nearly $42,000.

Go pick yourself up off the floor.  I know I had to.

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