A Magnabilities Consultant is donating a portion of purchases to help us out.


💛‘Fight like a kid’ magnetic inserts are $8 and $2 goes to the cause!
💛Gold awareness ribbon magnetic inserts are $7.50 and $2 is donated!
💛Keychains (gold, silver, or hematite color choice) are $15 (no insert included) and $3 is donated!
💛Starter sets (pendant and necklace plus free insert of the month-not either listed above) are also $15 with $3 donated!

After clicking on the #TeamJoey fundraiser link, from the top menu bar, click SHOP, then select Online Store. On the left under Jessica’s Designs, select Custom 1 Inch Inserts and the ‘Fight Like a Kid’ insert will be there. Don’t forget what you want to set the insert into!! Under Jewelry Sets is already a gold keychain with the insert and the Gold Awareness Ribbon Insert. Otherwise, any 1″ Base Jewelry option will fit the Fight Like a Kid insert.

Other items that are purchased will also have donations made, these are just the featured ones for #TeamJoey! (There are other cancers, other awareness including public service, initials, floral, holidays — so much! Keychains, ornaments, pendants, bracelets, rings and more.)

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