We are officially HALFWAY through chemo!

Week 10 was today and the VERY LAST long, long, loooooooong day!

It was the last time he will have a trifecta of chemotherapy medications, of which one has required additional meds at hours 4 & 8 (with hour 1 being the start time of that chemo drug administration), along with fluids for the whole time to flush him. It was the last time THAT SPECIFIC chemotherapy medication would be given which means…it’s the last time he had to make counts!

From here on out, counts are not a deterrent for him to not have chemo! Which is so very, very exciting.

And, speaking of exciting…. What’s more exciting than treatment day starting with a puke fest in the hallway halfway between the elevator and HemOnc registration?!

That was us, as I stopped to take this picture, and suddenly his stomach went sour and his shirt, his hat, his shoes and socks were wounded in the battle. Plus the Ativan he’d ingested just 10 minutes before laying in the puddle. That was a real help this morning.

That was us sitting in the HemOnc waiting room a complete mess….and me ready to start the day over before it had even begun.

That was him puking again and AGAIN as the day went on. Before port accessing, during, after the chemo drugs and on and on.

Some how…some way…and I don’t know how it happened, but right as I was about to wave the white flag and say, “Admit us! This is supposed to be inpatient anyway,” his last labs came back, we were able to get him started within about 30 minutes of when we really NEEDED to get started to remain outpatient.

Today was the most taxing. The most draining. The most boring, and the absolutely most exhausting day of this whole ordeal.

I colored. He played on his tablet, and then finally he drifted into a drug-induced sleep after puking for what felt like the hundredth time of the day. And then I colored some more, and sat there pretty much all by myself because, well, he was the only patient left.

And so…we’re not quite on the downward slope YET. Next week is labwork. The week following is labwork and his scans. AND THEN, provided the scans look good, we’ll be on the downward slope. THEN, sometime in the midst of ALL that, we’ll figure out the plan for school in the fall (will he go back in September, or after treatment is done towards the start of November, or…..?).

If you still haven’t, but feel inclined, we’d love for you to like the Team Joey Kid Fest page and hopefully come out on August 20th for some fun. We are HOPING that this is so very, VERY successful…and not so much for us, but that so perhaps this can become an annual thing to benefit another child/family. 

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