A day late, but Week 8 is done.

I find myself hitting a rhythm with this whole thing. J has, too. The anxiety ramps up earlier each week, the port accessing is miserable (and this time included vomiting), the visit with his oncologist goes well, the infusion is no issue, and then the port deaccessing gets better each time. Although, again, there was vomiting at the end of our time at clinic.

Counts are nowhere near as low as they were at this stage in the last cycle, but as we’ve seen before, the matter of another week can cause crazy drops.

As much as I hate that we’re frequent fliers of the CBD Center at CHKD, I will say that we could not have gotten ‘stuck’ with a better cast & crew over there. I walk out having had real conversations and laughing with everyone involved. I think there’s something to be said for being able to laugh with your kid’s oncologist and nurse week after week. And to have the social worker check on YOU. Not the kid/patient, but the parent and all it involves — home, work, finances, life.

To that extent…
The first Team Joey Kid Fest events are going on already. If you feel inclined, please check them out.

Next Saturday, there will be a vendor event at the boys’ preschool / the church I’ve gone to MOPS at which also will benefit us. I’ve heard there will be BBQ as these events usually have, and it’s really gooooood.IMG_20170707_093324_650

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