CURE Bears for Hope & Love

His new Build-A-Bear from CURE Bears for Hope and Love. This is a program I loved finding within one of my Rhabdomyosarcoma support groups.  Such a fun way to bring a smile to a child, and you can see that he certainly smiled upon receiving his.

Taken from their website regarding the purpose of the organization:

“First purpose is to send bears to children in treatment for cancer within the United States. The true dream would be that any child in treatment for cancer would be able to receive a bear if they want one regardless of their age or where they live but at this point that is not possible due to funds available. [Currently children age 0-12 may receive a bear.]

Second purpose is to distribute bears during the holiday season to children and their siblings that are dealing with childhood cancer or blood disorders. Program has worked closely with several other local organizations in the Rochester New York area to give bears out to children with cancer.

Third purpose is to spread awareness for childhood cancer and its prevalence. The page will share current information, current events that are occurring revolving around childhood cancer and share pages of children in treatment for cancer. This will include the campaign to have a bear made by one of the companies for increasing awareness for childhood cancer awareness.”

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