20170629_193200-01Week 7.

13.5 hours door – to – door.

So thankful there’s only one more long treatment day left (in 3 weeks).

J’s anxiety is ramping up. Both his nurse and his oncologist (who finally got to witness the fight to get him to the room for port accessing) agreed we need to do something to help the situation. He’d started getting upset when we pulled into the parking garage, and they don’t want it starting earlier and earlier, soooo…a new prescription for Ativan to be used on chemo mornings to mellow him out. Hopefully, it’ll keep me from being the bad guy, also, since I’m the one taking him every week and since today I picked up my 65lb kid in the midst of his flailing to get him into the room.

But once we get past that, all is good in the world…until that last hour, when he’s done for the day, exhausted, and just wants to go home.

But, we’re another week down. He played real games today versus video games for most of the day — Star Wars Monopoly with the volunteers, Jumpin Monkeys, and heck knows what else.

Of course, since we hadn’t gotten caught in HRBT traffic this morning, we got caught in it this evening. The sunset was pretty to catch, though.

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