6 weeks down. Week 24 is his end of treatment scans, so he’s 1/4 of the way through this whole ordeal.

Today was a single med day, but the clinic (really the lab or pharmacy) was running at a snail’s pace, so we were there for hours before his 15ish minute infusion.

Which then ended in puking on the chair I barely jumped out of in time and all over both of our backpacks (thank goodness for summer days, garden hoses and the sun).

His ANC is at 108. Suuuper low. When the ANC drops below 1,000 it is called neutropenia, and the risk of infection is much higher when the ANC is below 500. We will be sticking to home and the neighborhood only for a few days. A ‘simple’ fever to you or me is an emergency to him, and we would prefer to stay out of the emergency room and off of the 8th floor.

Next week’s chemo is blood count dependent, so we are hoping he can rebound quickly and as well as he did from weeks 3 to 4 or it will need to be pushed back.

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