The Major Hang-Up: Port Accessing

Another week down. We’re halfway to our first chemo break. Week 5.

Today was short — two hours from check-in to the end of treatment. Port accessing is still the worst part of the whole ordeal. Yet, after all the screaming and crying, every week he says it’s really not that bad… But for the moments before that needle pierces his skin/port, oh what a mess he is.

He’s made a friend there — a little 5-year-old boy who saw him in the waiting room this morning and chose to wait for him so they could play Skylanders (and Super Smash Bros) together. I have a love/hate with him making these friends. I hate the circumstances, but I love that these kids have someone to look forward to seeing and playing with.

By 9am, he’d already had a nap. Serves him right for he and his brother being up screaming at one another before 6am on the first day of summer from school.

And so a chemo-filled summer begins….

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