Interesting Conversations

I have had a number of interesting conversations with J today…

We were cuddled up together earlier today:
Can boys have boyfriends? Yes.
Can girls have girlfriends? Yes.
Can boys marry boys? Yes.
Can girls marry girls? Yes.

….As I just sat there wondering where that line of questioning came from. He is the king of random.

Followed later tonight by him puking for the fourth night in a row  and him telling me he wished he didn’t have to go through this. Yea… Understatement of the decade, kiddo. Which turned into a whole bedtime conversation as I took the time to verify that he actually understands what’s going on. Which…he didn’t entirely, because he still didn’t exactly understand what cancer is. He understood we were giving him medicine so it won’t come back….but how did he get it to start with. I saw understanding cross his face as I explained it all to him — our bodies being made of cells, and those cells growing and dividing into more and more and more…and sometimes the “printer” (I equated it to a printer making copies of something off the computer) makes a mistake and one copy gets messed up but then that one still grows and divides, etc. But that it’s not a punishment, and it just happens…to kids and adults.

“But the doctor said it’s rare to get.”
It is. Only ~250 kids get it each year. Do you know how many that is?
“Not really.”
It’s like the whole first grade, and second grade, and some of the third grade at your school.
“Ohhh… That’s not a lot of kids.”
Nope. It’s not.

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