One of my favorite sayings which I’ve turned into an engraving and now was gifted as an art piece from a dear friend.


This is a saying I fell in love with in 2016 while watching a Glennon Doyle video made for MOPS International’s theme that year.  The theme was A Fierce Flourishing and talking about how we could grow in the midst of all of mom-ness.  Her talk, to paraphrase, was all about that when we are in the valleys of our lives, the stresses cause us to grow because when we are at the apex of the mountain, there is no reason to do so.  We’ve reached the pinnacle of that time and place in our lives….until we slide on back down into the valley, feel the stresses, and grow again, to come out on the other side, at the top of the mountain, having learned and being a better person for the valley(s) in our life.

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