This is our new bible.

Today, we met with J’s oncologist, a nurse educator and a social worker.

Today, we learned how quickly, yet how slowly treatment will go. Thursday begins Week 1 of his 22 week roadmap to, hopefully, being 90+% successful at eliminating the chances of recurrence.

Thursday will be long. Thursday, he will be seen at 8am for IV access and labs. As of right now, he’s on the surgery schedule to receive his port at 11am. Following surgery and post-op, we will begin the chemotherapy treatment and will be admitted for the night to be released sometime Friday afternoon. Chemo this week will involve 3 separate drugs.

J will able to finish school this year depending on how he feels. He’s also going to be receiving a pretty cool blue (or was it red?) mohawk tomorrow.

After all my worries about making sure to have a go bag, the Roc Solid Foundation supplies all cancer patients with one. The bag itself is pretty cool (it has a detachable backpack) with a lot of great things inside — toiletries, thermometer, quarters, giftcard, games, a travel pillow and case, a journal, etc……and a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet.

It was a long, info-laden day, but we are happy (as happy as you can be, that is) with the treatment plan and J’s medical team.

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