The C-word

Yesterday was a hard day.

Yesterday, we received pathology results back.

Yesterday, we found out that the mass removed from our oldest son during surgery earlier this week is cancerous. We learned that biopsy results came back as the mass being Rhabdomyosarcoma, a muscular tumor. This is not very common (my research shows it as accounting for ~3% of all pediatric cancers).

The good new is this: without speaking with oncology, the urologist is pretty sure that J is in a low risk group and that he is also in a favorable group due to tumor size, J’s age and that the tumor was contained. Long-term prognosis is good. Even though we believe that the tumor, in its entirety, has been removed, there will be further treatment to lessen the chances of recurrence.

We will meet with the oncologist to learn more and discuss treatment. Until then, I have no more answers, and we have no immediate needs. We are treating this time, until the appointment, as a second Spring Break and carrying on with normal life. J does NOT know the severity of the situation at this point. He will, soon enough. He is recovering WONDERFULLY from surgery and just wants to be a little boy doing little boy things.

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