A Day of Social Calls

Today was all about getting the heck out of the hospital.

J’s surgery site looks good. He has minimal pain, right now, it appears. He is tender and cognizant of the incision causing pain when he walks/moves.

Today was also about a lot of ‘social calls’.

I met with hematology this morning.

I met with the urologist who did the procedure. We will follow up with him in 2-3 weeks for him to check the surgical site.

J’s care has been transferred to oncology. I met with his oncologist late this morning for a good chunk of time. At this time, they are treating the mass as a sarcoma. We have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday of next week after they have time to receive results from pathology, determine if further testing is needed and determine a treatment plan. This will likely not be a short meeting.

J is, at this time, out of school until the meeting and out of karate, racing and PE through June 5.

We are obviously hoping for the best, of course, while being prepared for that to not be the case. Meanwhile, we’re in a holding pattern for the next week.

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