You always wonder when a parent says they missed a big thing concerning their kids and those kids’ bodies. I understand now.

Last night, J and I found ourselves at urgent care with a one-way ticket to the ED for an ultrasound. I elected to bring him to King’s Daughters. He had the ultrasound. The attending shared those images and radiology’s findings, and we were referred to urology.

Last night, we were admitted. He’s had labwork and a CT scan since we hit the floor around midnight. I met with the urologist prior to the scan this morning to review the ultrasounds and findings so we are on the same page. J’s on the surgical schedule for this afternoon to remove a mass. We don’t know what it is. The doctors don’t know what it is. But we know it’s large (5cm). We’ll know more after it’s removed and then biopsied. Right now, we’re expected to stay through tomorrow.

He’s in good spirits, and I’m slowly losing brain cells watching whatever these cartoons are that kids are into these days.

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